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Item Control Schedule

The Item control schedule is a document that is generated by registration of the office block library into the project Data Base and is the basis of all data in the project; it provides the following for each item.

  • Item Code
  • Item Description
  • Trade Group
  • Discipline
  • Dimensions
A basic drawing element in AutoCAD is a block. A block is a collection of AutoCAD elements such as lines and arcs that represent an item such as a chair or a table in 2D space. The block is given a name such that it can be referenced as a 'Block Reference'. This minimises the need to draw duplicate items repetitively, ie 50 chairs that are the same.

Blocks can be 'inside' other blocks, such that a Hand Basin Block has the blocks representing the Taps, Plumbing Points, Soap Dispenser, Antiseptic Dispenser, Paper Towel Dispenser etc embedded inside. This again minimises repetitive tasks.

As a result an accurate number of items can be reported from this data alone. Most importantly, CadManage™ extrapolates the location, area and boundary of each room in an AutoCAD drawing to refine the database relationships to an accuracy of room by room, item by item report, hence very accurate Room Data Sheets.

The Item control schedule can be produced at the beginning of the design phase from an office standard generic database that forms the basis for every project. The schedule is then modified to include all project specific items specified through out the design phase and in compilation of the drawings. The database of items for a specific project can then be easily created upon completion of the drawings by automatically down loading information directly from the drawing files. The information contained within the new project specific database can be compiled into an Item Control schedule, Room Data Sheets, a QA checking document and various other formats that can improve drawing quality and precision.

It is important to maintain the 'Discipline' field in the database as this controls who on the project has ownership and control of an item. This field should be managed by the Project Manager, Architect or Cost Consultant and is the coordinating factor in uploading into Project Blueprint's RoomData™ System.

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