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Generic Rooms

Generic Room is a term given to the standard layout for a type of room used throughout a project. Cad based Generic Rooms work in the same way that Generic Rooms work in the RoomData™ System except that they are Cad drawings. Generic RoomData™ Cad Files are assembled using items from the office standard block library, can be individually created or a standard library is available from Project Blueprint. RoomData™ Cad Files will include all fittings; fixtures; wall, floor and ceiling finishes; services and group 2 and some 3 items that should be provided within each particular similar room and form the basis for Fit-Out Design.

Cad based Generic rooms form the basis of most Fit-Out in a project and facilitates the 'Drag and Drop' feature of the system. The system allows a user to drag items visually on screen from the generic room into the final design room of the same type ensuring absolute accuracy in the final product. Visual tools ensure that items are not dragged twice and allow the user to arrange or rotate the item being dropped into the design file.

A very powerful Quality Tool.

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