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Fit Out Plans

Projects Fit out Plans form the basis of RoomData&trade Sheets and are compiled by extracting data from Project Fit out Cad files. Data extracted from Cad files is managed in the Project Data Base and is later loaded into Project Blueprint's RoomData&trade system via the Interface Software over the Internet.

RoomData&trade can be checked against Generic Rooms and reports produced on the difference between the two. This allows 100% accuracy in design.

QA reports are generated so that users can check work accurately by reviewing reports rather than spotting the difference between drawings, as is the current method of checking. The computer system does it for you saving hours and hours of work.

Once a User is satisfied with the product they can load it over the Internet into Project Blueprint's RoomData&trade System where it is managed along with all other design Consultants work and with FFE procurement specialists.

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