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The RoomData™ guided walkthrough has images and narration of the tool to provide a high level experience of its use.

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How Does It Work? The Process At Work
Introduction Project Initiation
Why Roomdata™? Briefing
Reports Design/Documentation
Guided Walkthrough Construction
Training Commissioning/Bar-coding
Security/Technical Requirements
Project Blueprint's RoomData™ system is a sophisticated on-line database tool for the Planning, Architectural, Construction and Purchasing sectors, that facilitates unprecedented accuracy and speed in the documentation of projects.

It creates an on-line workspace where all staff, whether Project Owners, Quantity Surveyors, Procurement Specialists, Clients or other 'Users', contribute their work via the Internet, updating a single database.

The RoomData™ system creates a single source of data from Master Planning to hand over and commissioning. It enables project to kick-start providing "Generic" Room and Item libraries of over 2500 items that are shared on-line.

Item and assembly created by users can be saved and re-used from one project to the next.

The RoomData™ system results in:

  • More productive work.
  • Reduction in repetitive data-key entry.
  • Greater cost control.
  • The ability to build and protect individual intellectual property.

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