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The Zero Defects™ tracking system has been designed for construction companies, and their associated Consultants, Trades, Architects, and even the clients themselves, to provide a centralised facility for the logging, tracking and reporting of defects and building issues. The system is accessible by anyone with the correct user and password access, via the Internet.

The Zero Defects™ system provides sophisticated functionality that allows easy notification and tracking of defects on large projects, where a single database of defects is maintained on-line.

Defects can be logged and tracked via PC, laptop, or any number of Internet connected hybrid/hand held devices on-site. Via a combination of Wireless networking (Wi-Fi) and mobile GSM (GPRS) Internet access, users can roam the site always connected to the Internet. Doing away with the traditional method of utilising Palm Pilot type apparatus, there is no need to synchronise databases when back at a PC docking station.

The advanced functionality allows for the logging of many defects very quickly, and was developed in conjunction with on-site Foreman/Site Managers. Once logged, the system provides a whole range of tracking and reporting functions, in order to ensure the defect is promptly rectified.

Typically, defect tracking is done via Excel or Access based databases that are distributed amongst many staff and consultants. Project staff experience 'version control' issues, and one or more person/s time is usually spent attempting to synchronise the status of defects amongst all these different databases, communicating via email attachments or even fax.

The Zero Defects™ system is simple to use, with only ever one database on-line. Staff with moderate PC skills have no trouble with utilising Zero Defects™ on-site.

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